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Dancing with the Stars Italy

Six seasons of the show, called Ballando con le Stelle, have been aired on Rai Uno. All the series have been hosted by Milly Carlucci. Singer and TV presenter Amanda Lear has been part of the judging panel in series 1,2,4 and 5 The first series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2005, featuring:
Hoara Borselli (actress) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – WINNERS
Francesco Salvi (actor and singer) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – second place
Gianni Ippoliti (presenter) (partnered by Valentina Vincenzi) – third place
Igor Cassina (gymnast) (partnered by Denise Abrate) – eliminated 5th
Fabrizio Frizzi (presenter) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 4th
Anna Maria Barbera (actress) (partnered by Ilario Parise) – eliminated 3rd
Paola Ferrari (journalist) (partnered by Andrea Placidi) – eliminated 2nd
Carla Paneca (model) (partnered by Lucio Cocchi) – eliminated 1st
The second series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2005, featuring:
Cristina Chiabotto (model and presenter) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – WINNERS
Loredana Cannata (actress) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – second place
Vincenzo Peluso (actor and director) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – third place
Fabio Fulco (actor) (partnered by Claudia Nicolussi) – eliminated 9th
Stefano Masciarelli (actor and comedian) (partnered by Francesca Vispi) – eliminated 8th
Youma Diakite (model and actress) (partnered by Giuseppe Albanese) – eliminated 7th
Alessandra Canale (tv announcer) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 6th
Mario Cipollini (cyclist) (partnered by Marina Aleksejeva) – eliminated 5th
Diego Maradona (football legend) (partnered by Angela Panico) – withdrew
Syusy Blady (presenter) (partnered by Emanuele Ricci) – eliminated 3rd
Marco Mazzocchi (sports journalist) (partnered by Vincenza Farnese) – eliminated 2nd
Francesca Reggiani (actress) (partnered by Sergio Sampaoli) – eliminated 1st
The third series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired Autumn 2006, featuring:
Fiona May (long jumper) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – WINNERS
Pamela Camassa (model) (partnered by Angelo Madonia) – second place
Antonio Cupo (actor) (partnered by Giada Giacomoni) – third place
Martina Pinto (actress) (partnered by Umberto Gaudino) – eliminated 11th
Massimiliano Rosolino (swimmer) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – eliminated 10th
Eva Grimaldi (actress) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 9th
Biagio Izzo (actor and comedian) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 8th
Sean Kanan (actor) (partnered by Tinna Hoffman) – withdrew
Tiberio Timperi (presenter) (partnered by Elena Coniglio) – eliminated 6th
Sofia Bruscoli (model) (partnered by Manuel Favilla) – eliminated 5th
Orietta Berti (singer) (partnered by Andrea Placidi) – eliminated 4th
Chiara Boni (fashion designer) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 3rd
Rodolfo Laganà (actor) (partnered by Hildegard Salvatore) – eliminated 2nd
Rudy Smaila (artist) (partnered by Lucia Annese) – eliminated 1st
The fourth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2007, featuring:
Maria Elena Vandone (actress) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – WINNERS
Anna Falchi (model and actress) (partnered by Stefano Di Filippo) – second place
Ivan Zazzaroni (journalist) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – third place
Gabriele Cirilli (actor and comedian) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 9th
Irene Pivetti (politician and journalist) (partnered by Mauro Rossi) – eliminated 8th
Licia Colò (presenter) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – eliminated 7th
Riccardo Sardonè (actor) (partnered by Annalisa Di Filippo) – eliminated 6th
Massimo Lopez (actor and comedian) (partnered by Serena Lecca) – eliminated 5th
Elisa Silvestrin (model) (partnered by Sante Mandolini) – eliminated 4th
Catherine Spaak (actress) (partnered by Benedetto Capraro) – eliminated 3rd
Giovanni Muciaccia (presenter and artist) (partnered by Ola Karieva) – eliminated 2nd
Michael Reale (actor) (partnered by Marta Faiola) – eliminated 1st
The fifth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2009, featuring:
Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont (partnered by Natalia Titova) – WINNERS
Andrea Montovoli (actor) (partnered by Ola Karieva) – second place
Alessio Di Clemente (actor) (partnered by Alessandra Mason) – third place
Stefano Bettarini (footballer) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 9th
Emanuela Aureli (impressionist) (partnered by Roberto Imperatori) – eliminated 8th
Maurizio Aiello (actor) (partnered by Sara Di Vaira) – eliminated 7th
Valentina Vezzali (fencer) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 6th
Metis Di Meo (presenter) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 5th
Carol Alt (actress and model) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – eliminated 4th
Licia Nunez (actress) (partnered by Dima Pakhomov) – eliminated 3rd
Andrea Roncato (actor) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 2nd
Corinne Clery (actress) (partnered by Chuck Danza) – eliminated 1st
The sixth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2010, featuring:
Veronica Olivier (actress) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – WINNERS
Ronn Moss (actor) (partnered by Sara Di Vaira) – second place
Barbara De Rossi (actress) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – third place
Benedetta Valanzano (actress) (partnered by Dima Pakhomov) – eliminated 9th
Stefano Masciolini (actor) (partnered by Alessandra Mason) – eliminated 8th
Raz Degan (actor and model) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – withdrew
Margherita Granbassi (fencer) (partnered by Stefano Di Filippo) – eliminated 6th
Lorenzo Crespi (actor) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – eliminated 5th
Cecilia Capriotti (actress and model) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 4th
Maria Concetta Mattei (journalist) (partnered by Roberto Imperatori) – eliminated 3rd
Stefano Pantano (fencer) (partnered by Tinna Hoffman) – eliminated 2nd
Maurizio Battista (comedian) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 1st
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The seventh series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in February 2011, featuring:
Kaspar Capparoni (actor) (partnered by Yulia Musikhina) – WINNERS
Sara Santostasi (actress) (partnered by Umberto Gaudino) – second place
Bruno Cabrerizio (model) (partnered by Ola Karieva) – joint third place
Vittoria Belvedere (actress) (partnered by Stefano Di Filippo) – joint third place
Christian Panucci (footballer) (partnered by Agnese Junkure) – eliminated 8th
Gedeon Burkhard (actor) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 7th
Barbara Capponi (journalist) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 6th
Paolo Rossi (football legend) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 5th
Madalina Ghenea (model) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 4th
Giuseppe Povia (singer) (partnered by Nuria Santalucia) – eliminated 3rd
Alessia Filippi (swimmer) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – eliminated 2nd
Alessandro Di Pietro (journalist) (partnered by Annalisa Longo) – eliminated 1st

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