Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Girlfriend's Pregnant!

So, your girlfriend just informed you that she is pregnant. You've helped to create another human being. No matter how you look at it, it's a big deal.

Happy? Excited? A little scared? Concerned about telling your parents?

Whatever your initial feelings are, hearing the news that you have created your first child is bound to result in some powerful emotions. But if you think your emotions are going crazy, just stop for a minute and think about what your girlfriend is feeling - the very same things!

You probably never meant for this to happen. Maybe you really care about her and feel responsible to do something about it. Or maybe you didn't really want to stay with her forever. Either way, the pressure is on and emotions are running high.

Just as your girlfriend's pregnancy has changed her life, your life will never be the same again, either. But your life isn't over. You are a father. You can handle this responsibility and we can help. Here are some pointers for supporting your girlfriend and helping her to realize that you want to be in this together with her.

You could marry the mother and raise your child together. If you love each other, have been together for awhile, and are old enough, this can be a very viable option.

2. You could help to parent the child as single parents. If you love each other (or not), are young, and are still in school, there are ways to make this work to everyone's advantage. But it's important that you maintain your support of the mother and are a regular presence in your son or daughter's life. And remember, you have a legal right to know your child and participate in his/her life.

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